5 things to carry on the Plane


Do you remember when packets of peanuts rained on the “hungry passengers” on the planes and every seat had its own blanket? Nowadays, airlines are not as loose with snacks, and blankets, pillows and airplane food usually cost extra.

With the delays to the order of the day, it is best to go prepared, whether it be short or long distance flights. Take five tips-pretty handy-when you pack your hand luggage. You will see that you will feel more comfortable on your trip.

1. Medications and supplies. The last thing you need is not to have the medication at hand if the delays are long or, worse still, the luggage that you dispatched before is lost. Among the things to carry in your hand luggage are prescribed medications (in their original containers), nasal sprays, moisturizing creams and lip balm. Respect the 3-1-1 (for liquids and gels) carry-on baggage regulations of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), according to which the containers must be 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or smaller, and should fit in a one-quart transparent plastic bag with zipper (one bag per passenger). Visit the TSA website (www.tsa.gov) for more information on regulations,

2. Material of pastime. A flight represents, by force, time for oneself; for some, that means a nap; for others, entertainment or hobby. Wear headphones if you do not want to shell out a dollar or two for a pair you give the company. Charge your electronic devices before you leave, so you can read, watch movies, play games or listen to music. As you know, all those devices must be switched off during take-off and landing, so it’s good to have books, magazines or newspapers on hand, especially if you consider that most airlines no longer offer much reading material.

3. Food. They may no longer offer refreshments at no charge, and meals are rarely free, so bring something to eat. For the sake of other passengers, leave things that smell bad at home, and if you travel abroad, keep in mind those products and meats that do not allow you to enter the country of destination. Also carry chewing gum or pads to unclog your ears during take-off and landing. You will not be able to pass drinks through security checks, but they will usually be allowed on board if they are purchased at the outlet outlet stores. Check the TSA website for current regulations and other air travel advice.

4. Items for your convenience. In the case of flight, temperatures drop and the cabin gets very cold, especially if you boarded the plane wearing a very “tropical” attire. Put a sweater, a sack or a shawl in your carry-on bag, it will serve to shelter you. Neck pillows are good for long trips.

5. Credit card. So, what happens if you want to have a drink during the flight or want to see how a movie ends? Unfortunately, cash is no longer a bargaining chip in the realm of heights. Many airlines now only accept credit cards as a form of payment for food, beverages, entertainment and even Wi-Fi; so be prepared to use the card if you want to consume any of these products.


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