Is this the largest Artificial Beach in the world?


If it has never happened to you, you are very lucky. Or perhaps you put all too often mountain tourism, to sunbathe somewhere on the coast. For the rest of mortals, the weather is an essential factor when it comes to savoring the dreamed summer holidays and not dying in the attempt.

More than 1,500 kilometers from Tokyo, in Miyazaki, within the southern Japanese city of Kyushu, there is no need for them to have such concern.

There rises the Seagaia Ocean Dome, a megalomaniac construction that houses the largest artificial beach on the planet. About 14,000 tons of water and another 600 of sand form an enclosure whose dimensions reach 300 meters long by 100 wide.

This recreation, inaugurated in 1993, has all the luxury of amenities: its crystalline waters maintain a constant temperature around 28 degrees, while the sand is made of marble dust, thus avoiding sticking to the body. For surf lovers, the facility has a mechanism that faithfully reproduces waves up to 2.5 meters high. Furthermore, given its large capacity of up to 10,000 people, it has a dedicated bath area exclusively for the little ones.

The Ocean Dome has a retractable roof that allows you to open the deck due to good weather or bad weather outside. If the climatic conditions do not accompany, the structure closes reproducing in the view of all a curious simulation of the sky.

Out of the water the temperature is around 30 degrees during the 365 days of the year, which allows the bather to enjoy the beach no matter what season of the year it is.

To round off the experience, the venue has a decor of a Hollywood movie. The classic rocks and palm trees add a series of slides that add to the Ocean Dome an extra complement of fun. There are also several restaurants that are ideal for replenishing local Miyazaki cuisine, as well as a shopping area where you can buy essential accessories for a day at the beach. But most impressive, it comes from the hand of a fictional volcano that erupts every 60 minutes.


The main drawback is its high entrance price, around 50 dollars, especially if we consider that a little more than 300 meters opens a natural beach.

However, the Ocean Dome has managed to outperform its “”sister””, created by Mother Earth. To the already mentioned unforeseen of the time, the users value details as simple as to avoid the stings of jellyfish, quite habitual in this zone of the Pacific.

Like any bathing place, the Ocean Dome has a number of basic standards for the correct use of its facilities. You can not enter the beach with street shoes, nor go with your pet. It is only allowed to eat in the areas marked for it and the smokers must go outside to be able to take a cigar.


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