Everything you always wanted to know about traveling at first and did not dare to ask


Who says First says Business, even if they are different classes (and worlds). All that is not contorted travel and with children (or adults) kicking in the seat is entering another traveling dimension.

How do we move in it like the mundane creatures we are or want to be?IS IT ONLY A FLIGHT?

As one smart guy would say: “it’s a global experience.” Many airlines like Emirates or Air France send a private car to pick up Primera’s passenger and leave it gently placed at the airport. Of course, do not check-in where the others, what ordinariez. Not much less passes the security control mixed with the rest. He will have to remove his heels (those where we keep the polonium of course) and the belt (which is always planned to muzzle the pilot), but he will do so in the so-called Fast Track. The road to paradise is, right, a special way.


It is much more universal and the VIP sounds like television from the 90’s. The Lounge is a kind of no place inside another place, no space-time capsule in which time stands still. Sometimes literally and you can get to miss the flight of as many attractions as they offer. Although usually a first class traveler does not miss the flight.

There are lounges that should offer guided tours, such as the Premire de Air France de Charles de Gaulle. La Premire, the highest class of this airline has its own space of even higher category than the conventional Lounge. There are also classes in the sky.

In it you can taste dishes from Alain Ducasse, receive massages from Biologique Recherche, sleep or simply be. Another interesting lounge is the Turkish Airlines in Istanbul, which has a pool table (you can always crave a game before a delayed flight) or Singapore Airlines, at Changi airport where you can eat as well or better than in the city.

The new Qatar Airlines lounge in Heathrow even has a Martini Bar. In Qatar, this airline has its own terminal, Qatar Airways Private Terminal, Doha. A destination in itself. We should not tread the country. I recommend, whenever you travel in important class, spend time to be in the lounge. And even if you do not feel like showering, you shower. So there is something else to tell.


In that first or good business (because there are mediocre, yes) one wants the flight to last. In tourist one wants to sleep, to read and to arrive. In these classes everything is smoother, the noise is less and the plane moves less. Not true, it moves the same, but the experience of being wrapped in comfort turns the flight into a destination in itself. Airlines are in a tremendous battle to see who offers the most overwhelming first class.

One of the last to present it was Air France. His proposal is a couture suite, with curtains that separate the passengers and possibility of eating in front of another person, as if he were in a restaurant in Paris. Not to mention the cinema screen of the new Suite Premiere. It is almost like that of some cinemas in Madrid.

Each airline competes in its own way: Etihad, for example, offers a shower. We speak first class. In Business you do not get to so much luxury, but you can eat, sleep and watch movies much better than on land. In short, it differs in everything. They just look like they’re on the same plane.


Let’s talk about a tricky topic. There is another war being waged in the air: that of the airline that offers the best bed. That is, the best transformation from seat to bed. There, the battle is fought in centimeters. The planes become, at night, in hotels. The Business and First classes empower you and believe you. Some airlines like Emirates prepare the bed as if the plane were Downton Abbey.


We eat in the plane but here we enter another league. The Business and First classes are also flying restaurants. The chefs sign as if they were galactic footballers. The more Michelin stars there are near the real stars, the happier they all are. The wine cellar takes care of the Atrio’s. Well, let’s not go over, but take good care of yourself.


For example, that time has a very capricious way of behaving in the higher classes of aircraft. Or you can watch three films of premiere, a chapter of Friends, eat twice as a gourmand or we are invited so much to rest that we fall asleep and when we open the eye we are already landing. The sense of unreality in a first class is unsettling. But he worries well. And, why does it have to end?


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