Ministry of Health asks Mexicans to avoid traveling to Ebola countries


The Ministry of Health of Mexico (SSA) asked the population to avoid traveling to African countries where cases of Ebola have been reported, a disease that is transmitted through body fluids and for which there is still no cure.Should travel to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone be unavoidable, travelers should be prevented from being in contact with sick people, the agency said in a statement quoted by the agency Notimex.

In Nigeria, only one case of the virus has been detected.

The SSA recalled that since 23 March 2014 to date there has been an outbreak of this disease in the African countries mentioned and that so far no cases have occurred outside the African continent.

The United States has also asked its citizens to avoid travel to countries affected by the disease.

The Ebola virus has killed at least 729 people, figures updated up to July 27, released this week by the World Health Organization (WHO). Ending the epidemic in West Africa could take between three to six months, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Liberia has closed most of its borders as a preventive measure to prevent the spread of disease and established restrictions in public places.

Sierra Leone was declared in a state of emergency. Its president, Ernest Koroma, announced that medical personnel accompanied by the Army will search house to house in search of sick people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced this week the launch of an emerging program that seeks to control the outbreak and not spread to other countries.

US officials on Saturday transferred Dr. Kent Brantly, an American doctor who contracted the virus in Liberia after caring for sick patients.


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