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The truth is that neither. Not everyone wants to be your friends but not everyone wants to hurt you. It will always be a mid-point, with a very pronounced inclination towards the goodness of the people.

So it is important to always consider a couple of safety tips for traveling to Europe, Asia, Africa or anywhere in the world. When you start traveling to other countries you will fall into one of two categories: You will become extremely confident of everybody, you will believe that they are all your friends and they are there to help you or the opposite, a paranoid believing that all they want is to kidnap you and hurt you.

No matter that the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Machu Pichu, Angkor Wat or any other monument is in front of your eyes, if there is a crowd watching the same do not forget from time to time to look at your surroundings.

Many people take advantage of these small moments Of tourist perplexity to do theirs so do not let that happen to you. You do not need to distrust anyone who is around you, just a small look over your shoulder will suffice.

A security study revealed that a thief will avoid attacking the people who are most alert of their environment, so like you The first safety advice for traveling abroad is to develop the habit of looking at your surroundings. Following this same study, people select their victims because of certain traits, including why they walk or act as victims.

I am a certified Krav Maga trainer and in each I always repeat the same course, when walking in the street do not act as victims even if they are dying of fear. If you appear that you are a person who will at least resist against an attack, chances are that they will not attack you.

If I am a thief, why choose someone who will fight if I can choose someone easier to mug? Which brings me to point 3. If you were the unlucky ones that despite going on to step 1 and 2 you were mugged, then let it go. Nothing is as valuable as your life, so if someone asks you for your money, wallet, cell phone, computer.


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